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Executive Board

Executive Board



Yazmi Miah

Yazmi is a Junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Journalism. She first started attending WSC her Fall semester of her Freshman year. During her Freshman year Spring semester, she partook in the WSC Accelerator Program which gave her the initial exposure to finance. Yazmi spent her Sophomore Summer interning in San Francisco in a rotational program between Investment Portfolio and the Technology Investment Banking team. Yazmi also works part time as an educator in public schools teaching methods of studying and note taking during the school year. In her free time she enjoys attending music festivals and cycling. 

E: Yazmi.Miah@BaruchWSC.com


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Vice president

Adina Turabayeva

Adina is a Junior, majoring in Finance and minoring in Political Science. She started attending WSC during the fall semester her freshman year. During the spring semester, she became a part of the WSC Accelerator Program, which helped her to get rigorous exposure to the financial services industry. She spent her Sophomore Summer as a Wealth Management intern at UBS. Currently, Adina is interning at a boutiqiue investment bank specializing in Energy. In her free time, she enjoys watching soccer, practicing yoga and volunteering for animal welfare.

E: Adina.Turabayeva@BaruchWSC.com



Vice president of Professional development

Steven Espaillat

Steven is a junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Psychology. He holds previous experience in the hedge fund space, wealth management, markets, investment banking, and corporate banking. Specifically, Steven interned in Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley during his senior year in high school. As a freshman, he studied abroad in Spain where he studied urban development and 3D printing for two months over the summer. Most recently he rotated through fix income derivatives in markets, Financial Institutions Group within Investment Banking, and Leverage Portfolio Group within the Corporate Bank as part of the Sophomore Leadership Program at Citigroup. 

E: Steven.Espaillat@BaruchWSC.com


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Assistant Vice president of operations

Neelansh Bawa

Neelansh is a junior majoring in Finance and Investments with a minor in Communications. He first started attending Wall Street Club his freshman year and his love for the world of Finance led him to be being part of the Accelerator Program his sophomore year. This past summer, Neelansh interned at a FinTech company in California. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, Fifa and volunteering.

E: Neelansh.Bawa@BaruchWSC.com


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Assistant Vice president of operations

Andrew Zhang

Andrew is a junior majoring in finance and minoring in art history. He first started attending Wall Street Club as a senior in high school where he developed an interest for the investment banking industry. Since then, Andrew has completed several internships in healthcare investment banking and was a participant in the WSC Accelerator program where he was able to build a strong qualitative / quantitative skillset. Most recently, he completed an internship with Marwood Group where he was exposed to the world of healthcare financial advisory. In his free time, Andrew enjoys watching college football and learning more about modern architecture. 

E: Andrew.Zhang@BaruchWSC.com




Carlos Moreno


E: Carlos.Moreno@BaruchWSC.com




Mikayla Ramnanan

Mikayla is a senior majoring in Finance and minoring in Art History. She joined Wall Street Club in the spring of her freshman year. Mikayla spent her sophomore and junior summers at Deutsche Bank as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst in the Mergers and Acquisitions group, and will be joining full time next summer. In her free time she enjoys cake decorating and visiting museums.

E: Mikayla.Ramnanan@BaruchWSC.com